[amsat-bb] FoxTelem - Delete your test data

Chris Thompson g0kla at arrl.net
Thu Oct 8 21:01:08 UTC 2015

To FoxTelem users who loaded in a test wav file.  You should DELETE the
data before receiving live data.  The test data has a later reset/uptime,
so it will be displayed instead of the live data.

You can do this from the File menu->Delete Payload Files.

If you have already received some live data, and you are displaying
something with a reset later than 0, then you are seeing your test data and
not the live data.  Rather than delete your files and lose the locally
captured data, I suggest you edit the saved files and remove the test lines.

Only the files Fox1rttelemetry.log, Fox1maxtelemetry.log and
Fox1mintelemetry.log will contain the test data.  Each line starts with the
UTC date and then the FoxId, reset, uptime.  Remove any rows with reset 44
(or a reset greater than zero at this stage).

Sorry for the incomvience


Chris E. Thompson
chrisethompson at gmail.com
g0kla at arrl.net

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