[amsat-bb] First Crack at Lilac-Sat2

Rick Tejera saguaroastro at cox.net
Thu Oct 1 02:47:03 UTC 2015



Finally got off my duff and set up for the 0125UT pass of Lilacsat2. From
DM33 it was  pretty good western pass, max elevation of 58 degrees. The
radio was reprogrammed with the new downlink frequencies (thanks Clayton,
Ted & Patrick).


Heard nothing did not hear myself on the downlink. used my TD72A, so i was
putting up 5 watts. Now I've heard several stations say they can't get in
with 5w and other that can, i suspect antenna gain may be a factor here. Now
one thing I did notice is when i keyed up, i did hear an increase in the
noise on the downlink. Wonder if that was my signal barely getting in or


Did anyone hear me (K7TEJ)? 


If I have time Saturday, I may try taking the TS-2000 out and see if i get
any better results


Rick Tejera (K7TEJ)

Saguaro Astronomy Club


Thunderbird Radio Club



623-203-4121 (cell)

SaguaroaAstro at cox.net


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