[amsat-bb] Re; PSAT in HRD

Joe Fitzgerald jfitzgerald at alum.wpi.edu
Tue May 26 16:32:43 UTC 2015

>Is there an old 'PSAT' ?

AMSAT has never listed any other spacecraft as PSAT.

In general, the TLE's in nasabare.txt are the best available and are
updated as significantly better element sets present themselves.  In the
last week I have been using elements provided by USNA and the Planetary
Society as appropriate for PSAT, BRICsat and Lightsail.   Once NORAD has
sorted out all the objects from this launch, they will be updated weekly
with the other objects in nasabare.txt

ISS continues to be updated at least daily with data from NASA Johnson
space flight center.

- Joe KM1P

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