[amsat-bb] Psat

Sil caleriffic at paradise.net.nz
Sun May 24 20:28:21 UTC 2015


Yes, it was. The time stamp is UT, which is 20:46 local time (dark now, 
almost winter).

None of my steerable antennas are up yet, following a move into the 
city. I copied PSAT on a ground plane with a short length (5 metres 
maybe) of thin coax to a FT857D. PSAT must have a good signal.


On 25/05/15 03:01, Robert Bruninga wrote:
 > Thanks!
 > You are first one to send in data in the dark.
 > It is COLD...
 > Solar panels 835 and 838 =-6C
 > Battery at 822 = 4C
 > But it must have been in the evening after sunset, because I think it 
 > very cold before sunrise.
 > Bob

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