[amsat-bb] USNA Sat Status (day 3)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri May 22 18:54:01 UTC 2015

PSAT Summary - Day 3

* PSAT packet telemetry is OK, Digipeater will be off (secondary mission)
* PSAT PSK31 transponder is ON with 28.120 MHz uplink! (primary mission)
* WOD data fixed.  Spin data now available.  Right now it is at 3 RPM with
+Z pointing at Sun
* Launch TLE elements (below) are 6 minutes ahead of satellite
* PCSAT.APRS.ORG web page is now also capturing PSAT telelmetry downlinks
* BRICSAT telemetry has been heard but is cycling OFF due to low power
* BRICSAT PSK31 downlink (also FM) has also been heard barely (when ON)
* USS Langley not heard

Only fault so far is the loss of the 4 day-fail-safe backup reset circuit
(1 of 3) fail safe backup RESET capabilities.  The lack of WOD data was
because we had a LOW-POWER bits set that was holding it off.

BRICSAT PSK31 transponder is on identical frequencies as PSAT's.  You can
tell them apart because one has PSK Telemetry on 315 Hz and the other is
on 365 Hz.  Both on the UHF FM downlink 435.350 MHz


PSAT:       145.825 - 1200 baud AX.25 telemetry - digi off
PSAT PSK31#1:  435.350 FM down, 28.120 SSB PK31 uplink - Brno University

BRICsat:  437.975 - 9600 baud telemetry downlink every 20s
BRICsat PSK31#2 - same as PSAT but PSK TLM on 375 Hz (PSAT on 315 Hz)

USS Langley - 437.975  9600 baud telemetry

ULTRASat3  <these now predicting 6 minutes ahead of actual satellite>
1 99993U          15140.67013889  .00040043  00000-0  10235-2 0 00009
2 99993 055.0004 339.9238 0251027 182.3314 074.3075 15.12517086000014


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