[amsat-bb] USNA Sat Status (day 2)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu May 21 22:30:06 UTC 2015

We now have heard 4 of 5 transmitters from our 3 spacecraft all still in a
close cluster:

* PSAT packet is OK but WOD not working (no digipeating for users yet)
* PSAT PSK31 downlink is ok [remember, it is FM!]
* BRICSAT telemetry has been heard but is cycling OFF due to low power
* BRICSAT PSK31 downlink (also FM) has also been heard barely (when ON)
* USS Langley not heard

PSAT CPU shows the 4 day-fail-safe backup reset circuit is not counting
down, so we have lost this (1 of 3) fail safe backup RESET capabilities.
Bad line of code already found.  But cannot change it.

PSAT is not properly reporting WOD data and S#... STATUS packets are being
bundled until 255 byte packet length is reached and then it all comes down
at once.  Noone has captured any of these long packets.  Please try with
PASSALL ON so that you can receive partial packets.

Awaiting permission from BRNO University to authorize HF user uplinks on

BRICSAT PSK31 transponder is on identical frequencies as PSAT's.  You can
tell them apart because one has PSK Telemetry on 315 Hz and the other is
on 365 Hz.  Both on the UHF FM downlink 435.350 MHz

We'd LOVE to hear from USS Langley, and we'd love to capture one of those
long WOD packets from PSAT.  Our ground station is only getting a few
packets compared to some submissions from others.  Keep it up.


145.825 1.5U  cubesat - PSAT 1200 baud AX.25
435.350 same cubesat - PSAT PSK31 FM - Brno University transponder

437.975 1.5U  cubesat - BRICsat 9600 baud
435.350 same cubesat - BRICsat PSK31 FM - Brno University transponder

437.975 3.0U  cubesat - USS Langley  9600 bd   <not yet heard from>

1 99993U          15140.67013889  .00040043  00000-0  10235-2 0 00009
2 99993 055.0004 339.9238 0251027 182.3314 074.3075 15.12517086000014


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