[amsat-bb] USNA Sat Status

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu May 21 13:54:17 UTC 2015

US Naval Academy Satellite Status

Three of four transmitters on 3 separate spacecraft have been heard.  PSAT
has good voltages and nice temperatures.  BRICsat has now been heerd.
Awaiting permission from BRNO University to authorize HF user uplinks on

Also we have turned on Whole Orbit Data (WOD) and so each miniute PSAT
will include a packet (145.825) with alphapbet soup on the end.  Those
will be triplets of XYZ sun data for the last minute.  So we will be
looking for a rotation pattern in those values.

145.825 1.5U  cubesat PSAT 1200 baud
435.350 same cubesat PSAT PSK31 Brno University transponder
437.975 1.5U  cubesat BRICsat 9600 baud
437.975 3.0U  cubesat USS Langley  <yet to be heard from>

> 1 99993U          15140.67013889  .00040043  00000-0  10235-2 0 00009
> 2 99993 055.0004 339.9238 0251027 182.3314 074.3075 15.12517086000014

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