[amsat-bb] Gamma match on Circular polarization antennas?

Pavel Milanes Costa co7wt at frcuba.co.cu
Mon May 18 04:41:26 UTC 2015


I have read on numerous places that yaguis with gamma match must be 
avoided for circular polarization.

But it's my case.

I have access to cheap factory made 3 element yaguis for 2m with pretty 
good construction, and yes, it have gamma match.

I plan to use two of them 1/2 lambda apart and 90 degree shifted on X 
(V/H) and feed them in order to get either RHCP or LHCP...

Anyone has a real explanation of why I have to avoid gamma match for this?

It's really so bad, pros, cons?

Cheers to all.

M.Sc. Pavel Milanes Costa, CO7WT
SYSOP Nodo Gateway CO9JAZ
Ciudad de Camagüey, Camagüey, Cuba.
Cell: (+53) 53-847819

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