[amsat-bb] Digi QSO via ISS?

John Fickes kc0bmf at gmail.com
Mon May 11 20:02:23 UTC 2015

  Sure you can. What are you using for software ? I use UISS and what I do
is send call sign, some sort of signal report (it could be 59,599,grid or
combination of report and grid ) and then a 73​. I think as long as there
is protocol similar to JT65 where the three things are sent and received in
back and forth order,  other stations call,a report and 73, this way your
pretty sure there is someone on the other end and your not just getting
someones automatic announcement. Hope to see you on.

                 73 John  KC0BMF

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On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 2:16 PM, Steve Kristoff <skristof at etczone.com>

> I apologize if this has been dealt with in a previous thread, but if it
> was, I missed it.
> Can we do a valid QSO by ISS digipeater? It seems to me that a message
> directed from one station directly to another station with a callsign, name
> and grid square and a directed reply in the same format would constitute a
> valid QSO.
> I'd like to hear other's thoughts.
> Even it doesn't constitute an "official" QSO, I'd like to try it anyway.
> I've been sending messages to specific stations on the Heard list via the
> UISS software, but have never received a reply specifically addressed to me.
> If anyone is interested in doing that, I will probably be on Tuesday, May
> 12, around 1005 UTC and again around 1632 UTC.
> Steve Kristoff AI9IN
> EM79ji
> skristof at etczone.com
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