[amsat-bb] What preamp to use for SO-50 and Arrow II antenna?

Bill ACITO, W1PA w1pa at hotmail.com
Mon May 4 17:52:06 UTC 2015

Late, but...

I have an ARR (Advanced Receiver Research) 432 RF-switched 
pre-amp hanging from the UHF side of my Arrow
with its own 12V NiMH pack.

I went "switched" in case I do something stupid.

I wear a mic-headset (YH2) and run the FT-530 in my right 
hand, and hold the Arrow in my left.
I've rigged up patch cables that run HT audio (thru a 60db 
pad) into one side of my stereo digital recorder,
and ambient audio (from a mic) into the other so I can 
isolate what I said and what I heard.  Some of my log
recordings are a great argument for full-duplex; e.g. I can 
hear clearly and immediately if a letter got lost
and I need to repeat my grid a second time --- especially 
running 5W. The FT530 does not de-sense and I can
clearly hear my own downlink in the headset.

With the pre-amp, clean sky and polarization match, SO-50 is 
full scale into the FT-530 RX. Where it helps is
when I have trees and a less than optimal horizon (pretty 
common in New England).

I ran the same on AO-51 and AO-27 and could copy right down 
to the horizon, easily working into Europe.

Bill W1PA 

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