[amsat-bb] FODTrack with G-5500 Rotator

Gary Mayfield kk0sd at tnics.com
Sun May 3 03:18:35 UTC 2015

Well, I saw my last message so I will try again.


I have FODTrack controller that I use with SatPC32 v12.6 on a WindowsME
laptop. Old, I know, but it works just fine and has worked fine for many
years with a G-5400 rotator..


Newer versions of SatPC32 do not like WindowsME and newer operating systems
do not like the FODTrack.


We intend to drag it out to Field Day for the ooh and awe factor of
automatic rotator control. Unfortunately I will be working with kb0lcr's
G-5500 rotators instead of my G-5400 rotators as I am too lazy to take the
5400 down.


Is there a way to make the FODTrack work with the G-5500 rotator and its
different azimuth scale?


Thanks and 73,

Joe kk0sd


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