[amsat-bb] LVBTracker issue and minor SatPC32 glitch

kb2m at arrl.net kb2m at arrl.net
Tue Mar 31 21:57:00 UTC 2015

Does anyone have this issue,

I have to turn my sat system on in a certain sequence.


1.       Turn on the LVBTracker.

2.       Turn on the 9100.

3.       Start SatPC32.


Today I had a visitor in my shack who turned the Yaesu 5500 on first causing
the LVB issue, so don't just say 'don't do that' J.


If I turn on the 9100 before the LVBTracker I get a memory error on the
LVBTracker and have to do a re-calibrate, a real pain if you're trying to
work a bird that's already up. If I run SatPC32 before I turn on the radio I
get a SatPC32 error that could be a little easier to resolve then it is. I
would like to see a de-select, select sequence of the cat control to acquire
the radio instead of a SatPC32 reboot, sometimes with a task manager assist
in Win7 to halt the rotor 

 serverSDX. I have no idea what would cause the LVB to behave in this
manner. Anyone have the LVB issue? Any solutions?


73 Jeff kb2m

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