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Alan, Yes, I know that HRD is correct based on hearing the birds at the
right time using its prediction.  Further, SatPC32 shows the wrong UTC (one
hour later) in the upper right corner.  For instance, now it's showing
15:31, but UTC is 14:31.  

Thanks.  BTW, I'm running Windows 7 with latest updates. 

Darrell W4CX

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This is definitely the right place to ask.

Have you verified which program is correct, by pass reception?  If not, take
a look here:


I have DST enabled on my computer, and UTC offset set to auto in SatPC32 and
it handles the time changes correctly.



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<Apologies if this is not the correct forum for SatPC32 questions.
<It appears to me that either SatPC32 does not handle Daylight Savings Time
<correctly or I missed a setting somewhere.  My passes show to be an hour
<late, when compared with HamRadioDeluxe.  If I disable DST on my Win7 OS,
<the tracks are in agreement.  I'm running V12.8c.  What am I missing?
<Darrell W4CX
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