[amsat-bb] UT1FG/MM Update

John Papay john at papays.com
Wed Mar 25 15:49:14 UTC 2015

Yuri has decided to run the 130 degree west longitude
grid line and is headed there now.  He should be on
the line around 1824utc  (CN52/CN42).  He thinks that
some will not understand the exchange which would include
two grids and wanted this info disseminated widely to
avoid confusion and questions during qso's.  He will run
the line all the way to CN56/46.  Plans subject to change.

Based on previous posts I know that not everyone trying
to make contact with Yuri reads the amsat-bb and/or the
starcom-bb.  Please share this information with your
friends that might not subscribe or read it on the
website(s).  Please do not ask for a repeat of the grid
square(s).  Just listen to the other contacts if you think
you did not copy something correctly.  I will be receiving
GPS photos for documentation.  Computer controlled navigation
systems on the ship will keep it on the line.

Yuri should be waiting to go into port off the coast
of Oregon at the Columbia River around 3/28-29.  He will
be in port for a few days.  Plans are to sail back to the
Panama Canal but along the coast this time.  Hopefully this
will result in many west coast grids needed for working all
488 Continental USA grids on satellite.

John K8YSE

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