[amsat-bb] antennas and radios for that which is presently on orbit (or soon will be)

Eric Fort eric.fort at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 05:17:39 UTC 2015

I've been looking at getting setup to use those oscars over which one can
actually communicate via sound, spoken words, voice, etc. in real time.  I
have little to no interest in listening to/for things that simply take
bandwidth to go beep beep or even send telemetry.  I'm not really
interested in packet either.  (there's enough terrestrial APRS coverage
that I really have no need for APRS sat coverage either.)  So given what is
presently or soon will be operational, are there any transponders (fm or
linear/ssb) that I would be unable to work with 2 M2 eggbeater antennas (1
each for 2M & 70cm) and a TS-2000X multimode radio, possibly with the
addition of a good low noise preamp for each band?  does anything on orbit
or planned really require the use of directional high gain antennas and a
rotator to use effectively, or should the above be expected to be suitable
for sat work for the foreseeable future given my interests?

(yes, I know many sats can be worked with an HT and directional antenna.
I've done it.  Now I'm looking to put something together that I can simply
sit down and use, does not require doing a strange dance across the yard or
a public park and having to explain to PD that I'm not a terrorist trying
to contact space aliens...., and basically points and tunes itself over the
period of a given pass with only minor if any adjustment other than keying
and unkeying the mic....  eventually I'd like to possibly adapt this to
mobile operation for use while driving.  What operating would I NEED rotors
and directional antennas?)



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