[amsat-bb] Modern Equipment Matrix

Kevin M n4ufo at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 20 12:15:14 UTC 2015

"The Icom W31AT is also full duplex, an earlier version of the W32A."

Yes, but the controls are arranged differently and a fatal flaw.... On my W32A, it is easy to turn the knobs to adjust for doppler. On the W31A the knobs are volume and squelch. In order to change frequencies you have to push buttons on the face plate. Very cumbersome and I wouldn't recommend it for portable sats. It's easy to see why they upgraded to the W32A model.

As for W32A's... I went through two of them and still have problems with desense on SO-50. There is info on the web about 5 digit serial numbers being okay... not true. The actual difference is whether or not the rig has the ability to be opened up to receive on 800 MHz. There is a sequence of button pushes (a soft mod) that will do it. If you can get the 800 Mhz band to appear then it's much more likely to do full duplex on Mode V/U without desense from third harmonics

That said, I use my W32A with an Arrow on SO-50 half duplex because it's no worse in regards to desense than all my attempts with two Baofengs. Despite the mantra 'just buy two cheap HTs and run full duplex', I found that concept far easier said than done. I am looking forward to the future 2m downlink birds as my setup with the W32A will be excellent for that. In the meantime, if anybody wants the grid I am operating from with it on SO-50, they will just have to put up with my half duplex. =^D
73 all, N4UFO

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