[amsat-bb] Satellite Day for Radioamateurs on April 25 in The Netherlands

PA3GUO pa3guo at upcmail.nl
Sun Mar 15 15:49:55 UTC 2015

In cooperation with the VERON VHF day, a second 'Satellite Day for
Radioamateurs' will be held in The Netherlands.
Date: April 25, 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 09:00 - 16:30 (local time)
Location: City of Apeldoorn, in the Mid-East of the Netherlands.

Most presentations will be held in Dutch, while the Delft/Delfi
presentation will be in English.
Of course almost everyone in The Netherlands speaks English so we
invite everyone whom is interested to join us!

Sponsored by the VERON (http://www.veron.nl), the entrance is free (no
admission), including free coffee, tea and lunch. We would like to
know how many participants we will have, so please sign up via email
to either one of us. 

We look forward to another exciting satellite event!

Best regards
Ivo Klinkert - PA1IVO, email: pa1ivo AT amsat.org
Henk Hamoen - PA3GUO, email pa3guo AT amsat.org

Listed below is the program:

FUNcube: from launch to the future - Wouter Weggelaar, PA3WEG:
In 2013 Wouter addressed us about the then upcoming launch of
FUNcube-1 and we had the working engineering model of the satellite on
stage. This time Wouter will update us on the experiences with the
(still fully operational) FUNcube-1 satellite that in the mean time
celebrated its first anniversary in space! Wouter is closely involved
in various FUNcube projects and will be able to share a lot of inside

Spacenews from the University of Delft: Delfi-n3Xt, DelFFi and more ..
- Nils von Storch and Ehsan Tofigh:
Nils and Ehsan will update us about Delfi-n3Xt, DelFFi and the Stratos
II (amateurrocket of the TU Delft) missions. 

Satellites: currently operational and future satellites - Jan van
Gils, PE0SAT:
An overview of the currently operational satellites working on amateur
radio frequencies plus a sneak preview into the (near) future.
Projects like AMSAT-NA's new satellite (Fox), the upcoming AMSAT-DL
geostationary satellite with transponders (Es'HailSat-2) and many more
interesting cubesats.

How to start with amateur radio satellites - Henk Hamoen, PA3GUO:
This presentation is expecially geared towards starters: what do you
need to get going? What is LEO/HEO? When is a satellite in reacvh and
can I hear it? Also we will discuss equipment: what do you (and what
do you not) need for this fascinating hobby.

Satellite tracking for expert users - Nico Janssen, PA0DLO:
What is the meaning of all these secretive Kepler sets and their
parameters inside. What can be derived from TLE sets and what can you
do with it? Can you do measurements using satellite tracks? How to
identify satellites using TLE sets? How to calculate the moment a
satellite will de-orbit and burn down into the atmosphere? All this
and more will be discussed by Nico.

Reception of satellite signals: SDR, software modems and other tools -
Jan van Gils, PE0SAT:
Many satellite transmit digital signals, which are very interesting...
if you can decode them! Jan share his experience in decoding these
signals using software defined radio (SDR), softmodems and other
tools. Plus not to forget: about all the university contacts & friends
around the world with whom he works together on this exciting

Deep Space Probes on the amateur radio bands - Rob Hardenberg, PE1ITR:
Think you did DX? Think again! Listen tot his presentation by Rob
about the reception of deep space probes MRO, LX0OHB-4m, Shinen-2 and
Artsat2:Despatch. A record was set at 4.7 million kilometers from

Hands-on session Amateur satellites - PA3GUO, PA3WEG, PE0SAT and
We will do live sessions where we will listen to Cubesats and transmit
via satellite transponders. Equipment will be on site, but we
encourage everyone to bring their own set-up along. Doesn't matter
whether that is small or big - it's all about fun! In 2013 we made
QSOs via satellites from one end of the parking lot to the other. See
here: http://ivok.home.xs4all.nl/other/img/SatDay2013_1.jpg

More information and detailed timelines can be found here:

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