[amsat-bb] Yaesu G-5500 Potentiometer replacement

Kevin Schuchmann WA6FWF at comcast.net
Sun Mar 15 15:27:11 UTC 2015

Jim, Thinking some more about this I guess you could have also broken 
the nylon coupler to the gears, will be interested to see what you find..

73 Kevin

On 3/14/2015 9:37 PM, Kevin Schuchmann wrote:
>    A picture would be worth a thousand words, but lets give it a try, 
> the motor is attached to what looks like a metal "bow tie" and is 
> surrounded by a coil spring with a bent  tab at each end, when the 
> motor runs the bow tie grabs a tab and "pulls" the spring with it and 
> the pulling winds the spring  in slightly and reduces it's size thus 
> dropping drag, when not running and you try to manually turn it the 
> bow tie is now  "pushing" against the spring tab which makes the 
> spring try to  get bigger and drag goes up stopping you from moving, 
> if your freewheeling...
> A) setscrew loose on bow tie and is slipping on motor shaft
> b) bow tie is too high or low and allowing spring tab to miss
> c) rotor got jarred badly and spring got knocked out of position
> d) previous maintenance put the wrong grease on the spring and it is 
> slipping (how would I know that? lol)  should be white lithium and 
> just a little
> 73 Kevin WA6FWF
> On 3/14/2015 8:47 PM, Jim Jerzycke wrote:
>> Here's a quick question for those that have had the azimuth rotor 
>> apart.....
>> Last year when I packed things up from Field Day, I left the antennas 
>> and cross-boom in my "Mini Portable Roof Mount" system. During the 
>> drive home, my son noticed the antennas were windmilling in azimuth.
>> When we got home and unloaded the set up, you could turn the azimuth 
>> rotor by hand. It still hits the stops, and I haven't tried to run 
>> it, but I'm wondering what shook loose during the ride home.
>> Yeah, me bad for not pulling the cross-boom out!
>> I haven't taken the azimuth rotor apart yet (I have 4 complete G-5400 
>> and G-5500 sets), so do you think I really busted something, or did a 
>> setscrew just come loose?
>> 73, Jim  KQ6EA
>> PS....I'll be using my "regular" setup for Field Day this year as 
>> NI6BB onboard the Battleship Iowa.
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