[amsat-bb] Video of KM4IPF making her first ever QSO on ham radio... (FO-29)

James Lea - WX4TV james at wx4tv.com
Fri Mar 13 16:19:43 UTC 2015

Hope, KM4IPF, had received her call sign about 30-45 minutes before the satellite pass.  Not too many 8 year old girls can make the claim that their first QSO as a licensed ham was via satellite!  Rich, W4BUE, was kind enough to invite her and her brother (WX4TVJ) and sister (WA4BBC) to the shack to work the satellite.

All three of them were able to make contacts on that pass.

https://vimeo.com/122112807 <https://vimeo.com/122112807>


James - WX4TV

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