[amsat-bb] FW: AO-7

Rick Kowalewski rick at vk6xlr.net
Sun Mar 15 00:11:48 UTC 2015

Hi All,

Chris VK6FCBG and myself did complete a one way double hop contact 
yesterday, 0945z 14 Mar 2015.  AO-07 and FO-29 were visible at the same 
time in Perth Western Australia for about 10 minutes.
I transmitted CW on 432.150MHz to AO-07 and Chris heard me on FO-29's 
downlink of 435.850.  Satellite to satellite link was on 145.950MHz.
Next is to complete a two-way voice contact.


On 13/03/2015 02:57, :
> Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 12:05:51 +0100
> From:dj8ms at web.de
> To:kladuke1144 at msn.com
> Subject: Re: AO-7
>        Kerry, .........
>          I heard/read about such double hops from prior I think FM-SATs.
>          And actually was joking with some other guy years ago to try
>          some dxing with VO-52 and FO-29 I think.
>          As their up&downlink could actually match. A pitty VO-52 is
>          gone...
>          I was calling on AO-7 on 145.954 (local), thus maybe 956 at AO-7
>          directly... this could give .844 on FO-29 as they have almost
>          constant distant I assume there is not much Doppler. At 10:38
>          FO-29 was pretty close to your EN91 station, if you used that
>          one, the Doppler was likely minimal too... Sooo I'd assume
>          you've heard me around .845 or so.

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