[amsat-bb] FW: AO-7

KERRY LA*DUKE kladuke1144 at msn.com
Thu Mar 12 18:57:51 UTC 2015

Just worked DJ8MS on AO7b.  The distance is 7671.89km.  See email below.  I first heard Tor via FO29 earlier today.  We exchanged emals and decided to try the AO7b pass at 1810Z with great success.   Attached are photos Tor sent of his antenna.  I used 22 element HiGain with AR2 preamp on RX.


Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 12:05:51 +0100
From: dj8ms at web.de
To: kladuke1144 at msn.com
Subject: Re: AO-7


        thanks for the really interessting email. I just got an
        equivalent mail from John, K8YSE...

        This is just a copy of what I wrote him, don't want to type it
        again. :)



        Yes, indeed I was just trying on AO-7... FO-29 was already far
        below the horizon and I did not try on it at all, just in the 2
        passes earlier. AO-7 was pretty weak all the time just a while
        ago. It had either an unfortunate direction away from me, or
        just too few sunlight.


        I heard/read about such double hops from prior I think FM-SATs.
        And actually was joking with some other guy years ago to try
        some dxing with VO-52 and FO-29 I think.
        As their up&downlink could actually match. A pitty VO-52 is


        I was calling on AO-7 on 145.954 (local), thus maybe 956 at AO-7
        directly... this could give .844 on FO-29 as they have almost
        constant distant I assume there is not much Doppler. At 10:38
        FO-29 was pretty close to your EN91 station, if you used that
        one, the Doppler was likely minimal too... Sooo I'd assume
        you've heard me around .845 or so. 

        Does that fit ?


        Thanks again for this real cool non-scheduled test. 



        No, sri.. I did not hear you, but I'm happy to try again, when
        you have time. I'm not certain, how much better the window may
        be for us both, it's extremely high distance.

        Btw. I just made some pictures of my current setup, after AO-7


        73 - Tor, DJ8MS





      Am 12.03.2015 um 11:51 schrieb KERRY LA*DUKE:

                    Heard your cw signal around 10:38Z on FO29.  I
            realized you were actually on AO-7.  Once AO-7 was in range
            I found your signal  at around 145.958 on the down link and
            gave you a call but it must have been at your LOS.  Hope to
            work you sometime.  I also heard UA9CS  via FO-29.



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