[amsat-bb] eQSL Strategy for multiple grid locations

Bryan Green bryan at kl7cn.net
Wed Mar 11 21:34:13 UTC 2015

Greetings, all!

I hate to ask, but since i can't find any clear information on it I will:

For those who use eQSL, what is the best strategy for maintaining distinct grid locations? I have that figured out for LotW pretty well with one location per grid/callsign combination in TQSL, but eQSL isn't as clear. 

My desire is to be as speedy with eQSL confirmation as I am now with LotW, maintaining my position just behind Doc WA7HQD as Charter Member #2 LOTW upload-same-day-that-I-work-you Club

Thanks in advance for your help!


-- bag

Bryan KL7CN/W6 CM98fn

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