[amsat-bb] Settings for Kenwood 710

John Fickes kc0bmf at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 03:44:54 UTC 2015

 Hi Folks

  I've recently been in talks with a Teacher, that is a ham, and he has
done a great job at getting a station set up for his school. And he now is
starting to incorporate satellites and has a Kenwwod 710.They have it set
up for regular APRS on .390  and it works fine. He found the article from
N4LS on setting up a 710 for ISS and give it a try with no luck. Now we
know it was a first try with no luck but we just want to make sure on the
settings for the radio. For the path the article calls for path to be
Type=Other and path=ARISS is this still correct ? I know I use UISS and
AGWPE for the ISS and the path I use is To: CQ Via: RS0ISS. I don't
remember if ARISS and RS0ISS will both work and I guess I don't understand
what Kenwood means by Type. I've told him about the amsat-BB, so he might
be signed up,not sure though. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
               Thanks    73 John  KC0BMF

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