[amsat-bb] New M2 LEO Antenna System

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 I would not worry about wind loading, or weight with the yagi's John. When
you have a need to put a 1+ meter dish on your cross boom, then you will
worry about wind load. My last property in SNJ overlooking a 200 acre field
near the ocean had some very windy conditions and it would catch the dish
and move me off azimuth on several occasions. I thought it better to have a
little give in the system rather than thru bolt everything. Much easier on
the rotor system at 50+ MPH winds.
 I had my large KLM's plus a 55 L 1.2gig loop yagi, along with the 1 meter
dish for almost 15 years with no issues...

73 Jeff kb2m

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On 3/9/2015 9:25 AM, Bruce wrote:
> i have had the m2 11x2 2m circular and 15x2 70cm circular big antennas 
> since 1993 and they have been great. however, this new antenna is even 
> better as they are mounted by the end instead of the center of the 
> boom. that means there should be almost zero clearance needed between 
> the bottom of your rotor and the ground or a roof. although not
> ao-10/13 or ao-40 class antennas, there is no need for that much gain 
> or directionality. just ordered one of these antennas and the 
> crossboom is part of the kit. what could be better... well, they could 
> come install them for me.

Hard to do with the larger antennas due to weight load on a rotor.
I did think about it but with the 22 element 2 meter and 44element UHF was
just to much weight hanging on the rotor. Not to mention any wind load.
We here is Missouri do get very strong winds at times.

John, W0JAB

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