[amsat-bb] New M2 LEO Antenna System

Clint Bradford clintbradford at mac.com
Sun Mar 8 23:01:50 UTC 2015

>> ... You contributed to this thread because you wanted to make sure that people don't 
think you need a $500 antenna system to work LEOs - and that is true, but on the same 
token, a $15 tape measure antenna will produce disappointing results in most cases if 
someone is trying to make QSOs on SO-50.


I believe that - properly marketed - AMSAT-NA could make more profit selling 500 tape 
measure beam kits this year at $25 retail to schools, individuals, and clubs - than the 
profit they will realize selling a handful of $500 antenna systems.

ESPECIALLY with the FOX projects coming up. What better way to get MORE PEOPLE 
INVOLVED in the satellites than to offer them an affordable and educational DIY 
antenna building project for their new satellites?

Clint Bradford

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