[amsat-bb] New M2 LEO Antenna System

Paul Stoetzer n8hm at arrl.net
Sun Mar 8 22:55:43 UTC 2015

Sure simple antennas work. DL7VTX just finished a vacation where he made
many QSOs from PJ7, J7, PJ6, and FS on SO-50 with a TH-D7 and a 5/8 wave
telescoping 2m whip. Let's keep in mind he was operating from islands,
likely in spots where he had an excellent view of the horizon over the
ocean and with virtually no RF noise. In other areas, a whip is not going
to work as well.

You are right that a whip should work pretty well on Fox-1A, 1C, EO-80,

But it depends what you are doing. Are you attempting to stretch the
footprint to work sub-1 degree passes of AO-7 or FO-29 into Europe or South
America? Are you trying to collect telemetry or command a satellite from
AOS to LOS? If so, you probably want something like this new M2 offering.

You contributed to this thread because you wanted to make sure that people
don't think you need a $500 antenna system to work LEOs - and that is true,
but on the same token, a $15 tape measure antenna will produce
disappointing results in most cases if someone is trying to make QSOs on


Paul, N8HM

On Sunday, March 8, 2015, Clint Bradford <clintbradford at mac.com> wrote:

> >> ... how many were made on SO-50 ...
> You are missing the point - ESPECIALLY with the ISS and the upcoming
> FOX-1A project with its 2M downlink, providing up to 400mW TX power, and
> approximately
> 6db stronger receive signal than having a 440 downlink.
> SO ... if one's more "simple" antenna is doing well now with SO-50 and the
> ISS, just
> imagine how exciting an educational project FOX-1A is going to be!
> Clint Bradford K6LCS
> http://www.work-sat.com
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