[amsat-bb] DN30vx

Lee Ernstrom lee.ernstrom at rcwilley.com
Sun Mar 8 19:36:49 UTC 2015

Today I drove out to Antelope Island and worked the AO-73 satellite with my
FT-897 and my new FT-817 so that I could try and get used to the duplex
mode.  I'm still not sure whether I should tune my transmitter to the
receive frequency or tune the receiver.  I know this has been discussed
here but I guess I wasn't paying attention.

Anyway I was able to work AC0RA, K4FEG, VE5SWL and NX9B.  Thanks to all of
you for the contacts.

I'm trying to get good at duplex operation before our Alaskan cruise this
August when I plan to take the 897 and the 817 with me so that I can cover
some of those coastal grids that are mostly in the water from Seattle to

I plan to go back to the Island for this afternoons FO-29 pass.  If you are
interested is seeing my operation location I just posted the new photo on
my QRZ page.

Hope to work you all on FO-29 this afternoon from DN30vx.


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