[amsat-bb] Antenna question

Jacob Tennant jakewf8s at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 03:52:09 UTC 2015

A buddy of mine has given me a Cushcraft A270-10S dual-band antenna. I was
going to try to use it start my satellite antenna farm and was thinking of
mounting it on a rotator, angled at 45 degrees up from the horizon and
angled at 45 degrees polarization.

The main reason for the high up angle is that I live in a bit of a valley
or as I call it a hole. North and South aren't to bad as I have heard
passes at about 20 degrees, to the east my horizon is about 25 to30
degrees. To the west though I have a horizon of 40 degrees.

So I was thinking wit the antenna pointed at 45 degrees above the horizon
would give me the best chance all around.

Am I on the right track or lost in the snow?

Or would I be better to just mount the antenna horizontal aimed at the
horizon and take what I can get?

Jacob Tennant WF8S

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