[amsat-bb] Field Day

Alan wa4sca at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 12:35:57 UTC 2015


FO-29 sounded like 20 m, with many excellent signals.  A few stations, such as K4BFT, were grinding
out the contacts like a machine!  The usual problem was that people were not hearing replies.  And
then there was the "numbers station," fortunately high in the passband, who seemed to spend the entire
pass saying "one two three, one two three," with never a call.  I actually called the "numbers
station," but never got a reply.

And a good time was had by all.



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<I worked two passes, one on FO-29, the other AO-73. I was trying to work
<stations that appeared to me, to be looking for their only contact. I made 2
<contacts. I just looked at my notes, I had over 15 calls written down,
<another words I heard them but they weren't hearing me. My guess is that all
<of them couldn't find or hear me on their downlink. The one regular sat user
<I did work was Paul, on the first call. A usual FD on the sats :-)
<73 Jeff kb2m
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<How did everyone's Field Day go? Heard quite a bit of QSOs made. Heard quite
<a bit of struggling too!
<Weather was awful, so I was just operating from the grounds of my apartment
<building here in DC. I managed 20 QSOs with 5 watts, which wasn't easy with
<how overloaded the transponders were with strong signals.
<Next year maybe I'll help out a local club on the sats.
<Paul, N8HM
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