[amsat-bb] Preamps and Circular Polarization Switch.

Jim Bennett jlb3nn at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 29 00:27:35 UTC 2015

Hey guys.   


I just took a lighting strike the other day.  Wipe out the big stick in the
air.  Also took out one preamp and possible a circular polarization switch
on the sat antennas alone with both PCs that I had, a power supply, plus my
network.  The pair of KLM appear ok.  So I am going to redo my tower layout.
New coax(probably hard line), new preamps, new cp switch and new control
cable to the preamps and CP switches. Rotor cables appear good, but will
check to make sure.


I put this system together about 20 years ago.  So I am starting out fresh
trying to find the stuff.  Is Lanwear amps still available?  If not, what is
the next best. Are there any shelf available CP switches.  The ones I have
were on the antennas when purchased.  And they appear home built.


Any suggestions are appreciate.





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