[amsat-bb] SO-50 help

Steve Kristoff skristof at etczone.net
Sun Jun 28 23:42:07 UTC 2015

I could use some help here. For the third time this week, I've gone outside during what was supposed to be a nice high pass of SO-50, pointed my Arrow in (what I think is) the right direction and I hear nothing. Just now, I was supposed to have a max elevation of 80 degrees at EM79. Should have been an easy one. But I hear nothing.
In the past I've had QSOs on SO-50 with some of you, so you know I know how to point the antenna and use the radios.
Does anyone else use the Pass Predictions on the AMSAT page? That's what I've been using, but it's starting to seem like the satellite isn't where the prediction says it is.
I'd really appreciate some replies on this one. If other folks are finding the AMSAT Prediction Page for SO-50 to be correct, then I'll know it's me and I'll check all my radios and connections one more time.Thank you.

Steve Kristoff AI9IN
skristof at etczone.com

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