[amsat-bb] the donut effect

kb2m at arrl.net kb2m at arrl.net
Sun Jun 28 14:01:49 UTC 2015

Is there anyway to get any APRS client to not Igate a packet with a path of
ARISS in it. I run a satgate here in NJ and the donut effect is causing
problems for several hams in the area that can't get a packet Igated after
it is digi'd by the ISS because it's a dup. My Igate hears the first packet
direct that then causes the ISS digi'd packet to be a dup.  It would seem to
be a simple thing to  set a filter to ignore a path of ARISS, and accept
everything else. I would think that this would fix the problem of people who
want to run Igates, but don't because of this. I recently moved to Florida
for the winter and had to shut my igate down in NJ for this reason. Also,  I
noticed when down there that there is a lack of satgates along the
eastcoast. ISS,PSAT, and PCSAT are hearing stations fine but no satgate's
available until the bird's footprint move well inland. 



73 Jeff kb2m


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