[amsat-bb] My first attempt on a linear bird

Indiana Jones 77indianajones at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 11:48:26 UTC 2015

Thanks for asking this question Michael, I too have spent the last couple
weeks trying to use HRD with my IC9100 and was overcome with frustration
that sometimes I would look at the radio and notice that one thing or
another was wrong.. (both of them were on USB or whatever).  I then began
configuring the radio correctly then turning on tracking in HRD so all it
had to do was adjust freq.. I would only hear others however if i turned
the dial and searched for them.. Yesterday I installed SATPC32 and was
surprised how well it worked.

So - here is where I'm stuck..
1) I'm using the “turnstiled” Moxon rectangles for 2 m and 70 cm with
pre-amps.  But in this scenario how much power do I need.  I'm guessing 10
watts?  Anything lower and my IC9100 doesn't appear to have any real

2) When I do talk (with appropriate mic gain) I think I hear myself but
it's just way over-modulated sounding.  Using Heil Pro-set with icom
adapter..  Maybe today (field day) with the one FO29 pass I will try with
the ICOM microphone..  This will be my first linear bird as well.  For
Field Day if anyone hears me, I will greatly appreciate a reply - and I
will be operating as K5EOK 3A.

3) How do I add the other 'channels' to SATPC32 for FO-29's
uplink/downlink.. Looks like it comes with only 435.850 programmed so I
need to add .860, .870, .880, .890 and .900 as well as .800 to .840..  but
why does it show in CAT tuning as 435850.45 with a downlink of 145952.15..
I would think it would be 850.0 and 950.0??

Thanks, and I apologize for my ignorance and desperation.  It's sad that
I'm doing a field day demo of how fun satellites are but I can't make a
satellite contact to save myself.

73 N5ZY Marcus

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