[amsat-bb] HRD and linear birds

Fraser Bonnett FraserBonnett at verizon.net
Wed Jun 24 21:23:01 UTC 2015

I have an IC-9100 and tried for quite a while to get it to work with the
HRD.  I do not want to disparage HRD at all,  I use it for all my HF work,
it's a fantastic suite of software.  However, the Satellite part just isn't
up to the same level that the rest of it is.  From my tribulations with HRD
and my IC-9100, I can say:


1.       It works for tracking satellite beacons and NOAA weather sats just
fine.  Doppler correction works quite well

2.       It doesn't support tones so you can't use it on SO-50 unless you
edit the tone after HRD takes over the CAT, something I couldn't figure out

3.       It could possibly work with linear transponders if you could figure
out how to adjust the offsets.  This is extremely difficult to do in HRD,
and something I could never manage to get right.

4.       Finally asking a question in the Satellite sub-forum on the support
site never elicits any response, probably because no-one is using it.


So, like everyone else suggested, I switched to SatPC32 and it works with
the IC-9100 perfectly.


73, Fraser, W3UTD

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