[amsat-bb] Fair Price for Yaesu FT847

Bill ACITO, W1PA w1pa at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 24 15:11:43 UTC 2015

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Only FT-847s starting with serial # 8G05xxxx, or earlier units that were sent back to Yaesu for retro-fit, will have bi-directional CAT. The “update” requires replacement of the main processer CPU chip (a high pin-count quad flat pack, not for the faint of heart); I would want to see the Yaesu receipt to confirm it was done.   I was told that other updates were done at various points in the lineage (e.g. better power switch?), but I don’t have any details on that.

I have a uni-directional-CAT 847; to his credit and my continued, sincere thanks, Erich (of SatPC32 fame) provided me a “special” .exe last year so I could use the radio with SatPC32.  The limitation is that I must do all VFO, doppler, and mode control from the PC --   if I touch the radio, the PC does not recognize what I have done, and quickly overwrites the radio with what it is doing.

Bill   W1PA

From: Dennis Griffin 
Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2015 10:10 AM
To: Bill ACITO, W1PA 
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Fair Price for Yaesu FT847

Hi Bill, 

Is there a known cut-in s/n that would signify inclusion of this feature? 

Were there any other feature changes at the time of this change?

If not, this change would only be of interest to those wanting to use CAT control with their FT-847, correct?

73 de Dennis KD7CAC
Scottsdale, AZ

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