[amsat-bb] Geosynchronous payload inches closer to reality

Robert McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 02:35:17 UTC 2015

Colonel Fred Kennedy,  USAF,  Space Production Division and Program Manager
for the Wide Field of View satellite (hereinafter WFOV) has accepted the
proposal to allow Virginia Tech to place a hosted payload consisting of a
Software Defined Radio designed and built by Rincon Research Corporation
using support equipment and antennas designed by Virginia Tech and other
volunteers to this effort.  The spacecraft hosted amateur payload will be
included in the Aquila M8 bus by Millennium Space Systems who is the
integrator for WFOV.  Our first role and immediate action item is to raise
the $100,000 for Millennium to complete the study of the inclusion of this
payload on Wide Field Of View.  Following successful completion of this
study,  Virginia Tech will raise money to defray the cost of integration
and launch of this payload.  After achieving orbit,  volunteers managed by
Sonya Rowe and Zach Leffke of Virginia Tech will operate the payload for as
long as it is over the US.  We at VT with the help of the ARRL will
 prepare partners in other regions to operate the spacecraft should it be
moved in order to allow the WFOV to accomplish its primary mission and be
prepared to take over operation of the hosted payload on its return to the
area of CONUS.

Colonel Kennedy told me how much he admires how unbelievably capable
amateurs around the world have been in their many organizations to get
spacecraft to orbit and wishes us the best of luck in the onerous task we
will have of raising $5M to get this on board.

I will be making many details public now that Colonel Kennedy has told us
we are a go if we raise the money.  I know this is a tall order but
(begging the forgiveness of our female audience members)  "A coward dies a
thousand deaths and a brave man dies only once".  I would rather go down
trying than cower in a closet.  This is not intended as casting aspersions
on any individual or organization just saying I must proceed hastily to
succeed at all and I cannot afford caution.

Let's GO!

Bob McGwier
Co-Founder and Technical Director, Federated Wireless, LLC
Research Professor Virginia Tech
Senior Member IEEE, Facebook: N4HYBob, ARS: N4HY
Faculty Advisor Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Assn. (K4KDJ)

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