[amsat-bb] Tropo and FO-29

Jim White jim at coloradosatellite.com
Mon Jun 15 20:17:59 UTC 2015

Apparently some folks were hearing us after our nominal LOS, I was still 
taking so Ken could zero in the antenna on the horizon.  We had stopped 
hearing the downlink at that point.  In that direction we are about 500' 
above the ocean with nothing but a steep slope down then water all the 
way to Spain.  I'm wondering if there was some tropo on VHF that kept us 
in it for another minute or so, but the UHF fell off when it went over 
the water horizon.

Anyone ever experience anything like that?

We have certainly seen 6 meter tropo around the islands here this week - 
all the way up to Puerto Rico and Haiti.


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