[amsat-bb] Satellite FCC Frequency and spacecraft licensing process?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jun 15 19:31:08 UTC 2015

Satellite Builders,

Is this how Frequency coordination and Satellite Licensing is supposed to
work (for a 100% amateur payload)?

1)      We obtained IARU coordination letters for our spacecraft

2)      We filled out the ODAR report

3)      We filled out the SPACECAP nightmare

4)      We submitted to the FCC

We never got any response.  (Never have as far as I can remember going back
5 satellites back to 2001)…  But then we have not done one since 2006 until
this last one, and with the more formal steps 1,2,3 above, assumed it was
more formal now.

So, as we prepare to build our Next satellite, IS THIS THE PROCESS?  IE,
The last step is simply a “notification” and if there is *no* response,
then we assume we are legal?

I know better than to just knock on FCC doors and **ask** anyone that
responds, “is this OK”.  Because the bureaucratic response is always NO
until you can prove otherwise.  We did what we were supposed to do.

So is that it?  How do I prove it to the Launch Provider?  All we have is
the IARU coordination letter (plus what we submitted)…

Just curious if this is the normal process.


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