[amsat-bb] duplexer used as a filter

kb2m at arrl.net kb2m at arrl.net
Tue Jul 28 12:04:49 UTC 2015

I got a bunch of replies from the group. I thank you all for that. As there
doesn't appear to be a weatherproof duplexer available  I ended up taking
the duplexer apart then sealing all openings airtight with silicone leaving
a small hole on the bottom side, the dual lead side. Several suggested some
kind of enclosure  I didn't want to go that route as it would just make
another home for the local flying critters. I was also told that it wasn't
water but condensation, I don't think so as both duplexers were completely
full of water, you would think both ends would pass water equally but it
appears that the connector end as opposed to the lead end is the culprit  as
the water would get in but then not drain out  Another interesting comment
was that there is no weatherproof amateur radio equipment suitable to leave
outdoors, my Landwehr preamps have been outdoors in the open for over 18
years and their doing fine. When I recently moved them to my new QTH all the
markings on them were gone, I had to open one up to positively identify the
2m vs 70cm one. Inside was dry as a bone and no corrosion or rust. :-)

Still looking for someone who has successfully got full duplex remote sat
ops working.......

73 Jeff kb2m 

I'm trying to setup a remote sat station and need help with a desence
filter.  I was using a Diamond MX72-n and was experiencing water intrusion.
I then checked the archives and consulted the group and went to the
recommended Comet CF-416. Guess what, I'm still getting water into the
duplexer. I thought that it was more suited to outdoor service on the
recommendation of the group. So, before I take apart one of the duplexers to
attempt to waterproof, does anyone know of a duplexer that is designed for
outdoor use on the tower? I really don't have the room for a 12 foot +
crossboom, so I need to resolve the desence with the duplexer.  Any
suggestions from someone who has solved this?


73 Jeff kb2m


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