[amsat-bb] Oscar-7

Joe nss at mwt.net
Sat Jul 25 15:08:12 UTC 2015

Can anyone help me out.

How is Oscar-7's mode "A" downlink signal level now days? IE: the 29.4 
to 29.5 signal.
Is the beacon on 29.5 running whether it is in mode A or B or just when 
in mode "A"
I played a LOT with this Bird in the 70's and want to try again now.
BUT........ I have been listening to every pass I can and I have yet to 
her any trace of it on 10 meters.

I have also been watching this page.
and it looks like it isn't in mode "A" very often, and sadly whenever it 
was, just happened to be a pass that I was not around for. UG!

so you old farts. that played with this bird in the 70's  what is the 
signal strengths like now compared to back then?

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