[amsat-bb] PSAT PSK31 experimental software

Ted k7trkradio at charter.net
Fri Jul 17 23:35:49 UTC 2015

Hi Red, the simple answer is that HRD's Sat program does not track linear
sats worth a darn. The developers know about it and pledge to fix it
someday. It is just not a priority for them

I use the HRD graphics for a relative position, though

73, Ted

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I was on the 1735Z pass today and finally saw the PSAT telemetry signal but
it was not strong enough to decode well (with DM780) even though it was a
very high pass. I don't think the beacon came on due to receiving my signal
however. I saw a couple of other PSK signals either side of
2000 KHz in the passband but they were also weak. I called CQ before, during
and after the pass to see if my signal would appear on the waterfall (I am
using DopplerPSK to transmit so I am full duplex). But, neither PSAT nor
BRICSAT are hearing me (running 25 watts to a Windom that otherwise does a
remarkable job).

I am also seeing some conflict in the AOS/LOS times between SatPC32 and HRD
SatTracker. Both are using identical TLEs for NO-84 - I compared the TLE
lines in both files character by character. I am using catalog number 40654
for NO-84 in both programs and have my location data entered identically in
both. SatPC32 shows the NO-84 AOS about 8 minutes behind the HRD NO-84 AOS
and I believe SatPC32 is correct based on the signals I heard. Does anyone
have any guidance for getting these times sync-ed up?

Thanks in advance.


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