[amsat-bb] remote sat ops

Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Tue Jul 14 14:57:30 UTC 2015

On 14/07/2015, kb2m at arrl.net <kb2m at arrl.net> wrote:
> Is anyone using TeamViewer  (or any other remote PC control s/w) to control
> their sat station remotely?

A few of us are using teamviewer for the HAMTV video downlink ground
stations. Not for transmit but receive and streaming.

-Free for non commercial use
-Easy to use
-Easy file transfer to get files to & from the PC.
-Gets through firewalls and shows if PC is on line easily.
-Other alternatives are expensive or have issues.
-Teamviewer has some audio options to get sound from PC

-Uses monitor resolution, if monitor AC power is off resolution can
change. I left my monitor sleep ALWAYS. (Fixed in other software using
one virtual monitor
-PC must be on, If PC fails to start up, no luck. Even if forced on in
PC bios I have seen it fail to power up. I will try a UPS in line.
-If teamviewer.com goes bye bye so does your link. Their site is needed for use.

In general
You need a good internet connection with half decent uplink and
downlink speeds that never needs to be physically reset once in a
while. Any screen share type remote access is going to be more laggy
than dedicated remote system.

I have also tested with relay remote control
My tests used an arduino, with a serial terminal to turn on and off
relays. The idea was that no matter the operating system, you just
send a command to turn on and off relays.

>From a rotator/antenna point of view you need everything bullet proof
-Top quality well maintained rotator, ideally with video camera view
of direction.
-Over rate everything for hurricane weather.
-Lightning protection, everything fused, possibly self resetting fuses.
-Possibly a way to power off all radios/disconnect coax etc. to reduce
the chance of damage.
-Time out timers on transmit etc.
-SWR checking (e.g. with webcam)
-Webcam for checking  display on radio
-Try to make switches fool proof and give feedback as to current state.
-Expect people to move things or plug things out by accident.

For live transmit audio you may want a phone patch, as streamed audio
may not be up to the job.

If at all possible some one available to reset everything. I would
advise testing it remotely (locally) before leaving the site, for a
week or two. Try operating it from another room. Try to document and
photograph everything. My remote station is 3 hours each way/6 hours
round trip with personnel on site, but it still requires regular
visits. Most issues are with moving parts & power/internet glitches.
There is no substitute to being on site yourself. Try to understand
your equipment 100% before operating remote.

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