[amsat-bb] EB-144 High SWR going crazy

Dino Papas kl0s at cox.net
Mon Jul 13 12:41:20 UTC 2015

Lee - did you take the center assembly apart?  My original EB-144 had a failed connection at the coax connector center pin inside the antenna center assembly which initially appeared as an intermittent depending on the torque applied when attaching the feed line.  That connection is difficult to repair as you have to desolder the short piece of feed line from the balun PCB and then remove the connector from the body; I was able to do it and M2 to their credit replaced mine very quickly as the eggbeater was to be our ARISS contact backup antenna only a few days later (the fault showed up at the ARISS site when setting up).

If this is the case with yours send me a note and I’ll forward the pix I took of the inside the body of the center assembly.

73 - Dino KL0S

On Jul122015, at 2349 PM, Lee Maisel <maisel at lobo.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have an M2 EB-144 eggbeater, and am going crazy trying to figure out why I get high SWR and it is not working.
> I replaced all cable with LMR-400 (about a 50' run) and new solder on N connectors, and tested them, but no matter what I get horrible high SWR.
> I redid the ends, I took the whole antenna down, took it apart, checked and redid all connections, hooked it up to the radio in the shack, NO high SWR..   Took it back up installed on the roof, and same old horrible high SWR.
> Any clue what the problem could be?
> Thanks!
> Lee

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