[amsat-bb] EB-144 High SWR going crazy

Lee Maisel maisel at lobo.net
Mon Jul 13 03:49:15 UTC 2015


I have an M2 EB-144 eggbeater, and am going crazy trying to figure out 
why I get high SWR and it is not working.

I replaced all cable with LMR-400 (about a 50' run) and new solder on N 
connectors, and tested them, but no matter what I get horrible high SWR.

I redid the ends, I took the whole antenna down, took it apart, checked 
and redid all connections, hooked it up to the radio in the shack, NO 
high SWR..   Took it back up installed on the roof, and same old 
horrible high SWR.

Any clue what the problem could be?



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