[amsat-bb] Is it possible to us both SatPC32 & Dx Labs-Suite with IC910H ?

Bob KD7YZ kd7yz at denstarfarm.us
Sat Jul 11 15:38:41 UTC 2015

Before I give up and sell any Sat gear I have, I thought I'd ask if
there is anyone USING an IC910H, SatPC32 and also reading/logging the
UpLink and DownLink frequencies with DxLabs Commander.

For many. many months I have wasted countless hours trying to get that
combination to work together.

SatPc32 with flawlessly control the rotors and the IC910H.

DxLabs Suite Commander will pretty-well control the IC910H.

If I try to use VSP Manager or Virtual Serial Port emulator to allow
both controlling programs to use the IC910H, it simply will not function.

Thus if I want to work the Sats, after each QSO I have to write down the
uplink and downlink QRG , times,  and such, so I can later log the QSO
by typing it into the computer.

It's a bit overwhelming to log when I often get a few calls for a
semi-rare State, Kentucky.

I seriously could use some help to set these programs to make the IC910H
play the game.

thanks (hopefully)


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