[amsat-bb] Fox, "Easy Sats" - segway to PSAT PSK31? (X 2)

KO6TZ Bob my.callsign at verizon.net
Mon Jul 6 00:36:48 UTC 2015

NO-83 and NO-84 are far enough apart now that the FM down links will not 
"Double" with each other.  With that, I have never heard or seena 
telemetry signal from NO-83 W3ADO-6.  It should show up around 375 Hz on 
the waterfall.  I have been unable to turn on the transmitter with a 
PSK31 signal.

Has anyone copied this satellite?  Either the PSK-31 telemetry, or thru 
the A/u USB/FM transponder?

If so, what is the secret ?  Or is it just low and intermittent power?

KO6TZ    Bob

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