[amsat-bb] Fox, "Easy Sats" - segway to PSAT PSK31? (X 2)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jul 5 22:55:18 UTC 2015

Don't forget we actually launched TWO identical 10m PSK31 uplink and UHF FM
downlink transponders (Built by Brno Univ).

SO if you go for PSAT, be sure to set up 7 minutes earlier in case BRICSAT
comes up too.  BRICSAT has the same PSK31 transponder and appears to be 7
minutes ahead of PSAT.  I just heard it at 2211z.  It is power starved,
however and only comes up now and then when its battery accumulates enough

And of course, neither comes up unless there are users in the 10m 28.120 MHz

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From: Robert Bruninga [mailto:bruninga at usna.edu]
Subject: Fox, "Easy Sats" - segway to PSAT PSK31?

Segway this argument to the 10m uplink now 100% available on PSAT PSK-31
which virtually no one is  using.

>  With OSCAR 6 and 7... ten meter downlinks, it was just a matter of
adding two meter transmit capability to an HF station.

For PSAT PSK31 it is even simpler.  Add a UHF FM HT to your HF station!

> many... people that worked OSCARs, 6, 7, 8, and RS birds never
> graduated from Mode A...
> Just like many of the FM satellite users never graduate from FM.

We give them what they ask for, a multi-user simultaneous transponder
supporting dozens of simultaneous contacts, yet we have only seen 1 or 2
stations at a time give it a try.


Just an observation.  I thought this PSK-31 linerar uplink with FM downlink
would make everyone happy.  It's a foot in both camps..

Bob, WB4aPR

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