[amsat-bb] Fox, "Easy Sats"....et al....

Bob- W7LRD w7lrd at comcast.net
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Greeting Satellite friends and a happy 4th 
-From the moment I worked either it was RS 12 or 13 with 15M up and 10M down with a Swan 350 and Drake R4A , over twenty years ago. I knew the die was cast and all brakes were off. The XYL "situation" not withstanding. It took time but the "onward" trajectory was constatant-VHF/UHF Icom twins, manual everything. Now with a IC-910, 14 el CP on 2M, 40 el CP on 70cm. Yaesu G5500 az/el Everything computer controled. L and S band complete systems in moth balls. I still dig for the challenge that started everything. Being of the digitally challenged group it can be PITA. I consider my crowning achievement a fully functional capability system with AO-40 (sobsob). Should in the future we have the wherewithal (money) to get another or similar AO-10/13/40 up there. They will pour of out of the woodwork, (build it and they will come). Unfortunately we need the funds before the people. My potential lottery winnings are earmarked for that. Untill then my friends we must dig deep and pay what we can. Currently when time permits I will work everything up there, still learning the digital stuff (not easy). Like my friend Frank (K4FEG) says, "work-em till the antennas vaporize". The big party line we have with each other on the satellites is enjoyable and new ops are a special treat. We all approach this endeavor and some stop where they do for whatever reason. For the "brakes are off" people it's can be and is a hell of a fun ride. 
73 Bob W7LRD 

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For a semi-clueless, riff-raff newbie, this has been an enlightening 
discussion. I will endeavor to go full-duplex, once I figure out how to 
tell my xyl I need another radio. ;-) 


--Bill, KG5FQX 
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