[amsat-bb] IC-9100 SatPC32 Sub Audible Tone for SO-50

Fraser Bonnett FraserBonnett at verizon.net
Wed Jul 1 19:56:30 UTC 2015



Check the auxiliary file SubTone.SQF


In mine, there's one entry for SO-50  "SO-50,67.0,$3F,1"


It works for my IC-9100


73, Fraser, W3UTD



I have acquired an ICOM IC-9100 and am stumped on how to program SatPC32 

to select the correct sub audible tone for SO-50.  I have studied the 

SubToneSQF file and the ICOM manual.  When I click on T0 and change it 

to T1 or T2 in SatPC32 the sub audible tone is turned on in the 

IC-9100.  The tone frequency in the IC-9100 does NOT change to the value 

in the SubToneSQF file.


Has anyone figured out haw to correctly setup SatPC32 SubToneSQF file to 

work with the IC-9100?  Could you post the correct command line so I 

could copy it into my file?


Thanks in advance for any guidance.





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