[amsat-bb] Need help understanding inverting transponder operation

Jacob Tennant jakewf8s at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 23:29:42 UTC 2015

I am very new to satellite operations and I am running MacDoppler on my
home Mac Mini computer and trying to get the modes setup as I am having a
little trouble with how / where the program should be tuning my Yaesu

As I think I understand it for a inverting transponder (FO-29 for example),
the downlink frequency range is 435.800 to 435.900 and that would be USB
and the frequency would move lower as the pass happens starting at 435.900
and going down to wards 435.800.

The uplink frequency range is 145.900 to 146.000 and that would be LSB and
the frequency would move higher as the pass happens starting at 145.900 and
going up to wards 146.000.

Is this correct?

Jake WF8S

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